The Young And The Curious


4 Fév 2016

Film Hariko

Onkraut : Creating Collective Change / #3 from Kinlake on Vimeo.


ONKRAUT is an online & offline publication about alternative living, emphasizing on greener lifestyle choices and promoting the « community » way of thinking. In Luxembourg, many interesting initiatives function in that way, and Okraut wanted to find a way to show it, so together we created a series of short video documentaries, featuring all sorts of local people who are active in a community. The aim of these videos is to also show that when people get together, they can make many more things happen than when they’re on their own: whether artistically, ecologically, socially, or politically.

In this video, we are featuring Marianne Donven, founder of HARIKO, a cultural community space for youth (particularly aimed at people from an underprivileged background) & artists. Through regular workshops and happenings, HARIKO creates a collaborative platform for artists to interact with a young audience, inspiring them to get in touch with their creativity and allowing them to develop self-expression without judgment, giving access to the wider meaning of art.

All footage, sounds & music in the video were created in-house by Kinlake

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