InstructorReyhan Mutlu
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    Creative Upcycling Workshop

    Language: English

    Course description:

    Upcycling any type of old item that we think can no longer be of use is a wonderful way to add a new meaning to it. What is more, it can significantly help to reduce the amount of waste we often discard in our daily lives. Creative Upcycling Workshop will allow attendees to search for creative and DIY ways to reuse various materials which can also be decided by the participants. The workshop will introduce the concept of upcycling with a mix of hands-on session as well as offering a space where people can discuss and inspire themselves for the urgent need of rebuilding the relationship between human and the natural world.

    Structure of the workshop:

    Workshops are organized in a way that enables participants to use their creativity to the fullest. Participants will not have to follow strict instructions but rather will receive slight, mostly technical, guidance during their creative process. The instructor will offer opportunities that can be construed differently by each individual – this will also allow class to experiment with materials in accordance with their competences (age, experience, abilities etc.) When necessary, one project can be distributed in multiple sessions. For example: 1st session: Depending on what participants have, we will come up with ideas in terms of decoration, purpose and so forth and prepare the material (such as wood, textile etc.) for the following session. 2nd session: after the decided information during the 1st session, participants will bring whatever is necessary to complete their creation.

    What can you expect?

    Wooden projects: Projects that are to be done with pieces of wood – regardless of their size or shape. (mostly decorative)

    Fashion: Projects that largely include old, worn-off textile that can be transferred into new, more durable objects (refashioning clothes, rugs, mandalas, macramé etc.)

    Recycling to Upcycling: For these projects, we will try to come up with ideas for every item that is supposed to go in the recycling and see how we can assign them a new purpose! (cardboard, toilet papers, tin cans, wine corks, jars etc.)

    And many more..