Sarah Dahlem was born in Saarbrücken (Germany), a small town near the French border. Musical education has always been a high priority in her family. It accompanied her and her three siblings from early childhood.

„There is no time in my life that I could remember back when I didn’t make music. Already at the age of three I went to early music education in kindergarten. At home we had a piano because my big brother was getting lessons. I often watched the lessons and took the piano book to teach myself the contents.“

Shortly afterwards she received lessons herself, first on the piano, later on the recorder, the saxophone, the bassoon and finally in singing. Singing was her passion from a very early age. However, it took her a while before she had the confidence to live it out. Her musical interest has changed and expanded a lot over the last few years. In 2015 she began her studies at the Saar University of Musik with a focus on Classical Singing. She quickly realized that she was not able to fully develop and she began to train her voice in jazz and pop, in 2018 she finally began her Bachelor’s degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music, also at the Saar University of Music.

Since 2019 she has been training her voice alongside her studies with an IVA (Institute of Vocal Advancement) teacher and began to teach the technique herself. In her teaching practice, she integrates everything she has learned in the course of her musical education. „I love to teach both individuals and groups. I also run two choirs. I find it incredibly satisfying to share my knowledge with people and to help them live out their passion. Each voice has ist own pecularities and potential. Artistic work with others is a great source of inspiration and motivation for me.

Sarah is an extremely inquisitive person. Therefore, the focus of her work is to continuously learn and share her knowledge with others. It is very important to her to maintain openness to art in all its ways and to the people who make it.