From early ages on, nature has inspired me to develop a sense of visual aesthetics as well as teaching me the concepts of minimalism and optimism, which are today the building blocks of my outlook. I am completely captivated by details in each living creature surrounding us that we often disregard. By deeply weaving these details into my works, I aim to remind the magnificence of what might initially seem the simplest.

My passion for promoting sustainable living and environmental enhancement basically comes from the same ideology. I strive to enhance/remind the connection between humans and nature through various means amidst the global crisis.

I believe it is this same urge that sparks the need for personal expression and they all inevitably relate to one another. For this reason, I actively find myself engaged in different realms of art and trying to find out what magical creations might emerge out of potential fusions of them. Currently, I am trying to establish my artistic identity more precisely and hopefully during this process, I will inspire many souls and be inspired in return. Cheers!

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