Chantal Kirsch was born and raised in Luxembourg. Since an early age she has been fascinated by any kind of art and music, always striving to express herself in a creative way.

“When I was a child, my sister had these song books, called “Das Ding”, which contained most of my favorite songs. I used to take them secretly, and I spend most of my free time playing and singing these songs on the guitar, until the book literally fell apart.”

During her final years in high school, Chantal decided to take music more seriously and started taking her first singing lessons at the age of 16. After graduating, she developed a deeper knowledge of Jazz with the help of renowned musicians like Marc Demuth and George Letellier, who encouraged her to go study abroad.

Soon after, Chantal started a Bachelor of Jazz singing at the Conservatory of Maastricht, whilestill nourishing her interest in other music styles. She then also started giving singing lessons, which soon became a passion.

“I love to work with different voices and personalities. Every voice is unique and requires tailoring your teaching methods to this specific student, which is always a beautiful challenge.  Although technical skills can form a great basis, there is no clear recipe to follow. “

At the moment, Chantal is focusing on her own compositions and completing a MA in Jazz singing at the HfM in Saarbrücken. She continues educating herself further as a singing teacher through different vocal trainings, such as Estill voice training.