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Ben Kohnen

Ben Konen - Fond-de-Gras - Differdange - 02.03.2017 © claude piscitelli
Ben Konen - Fond-de-Gras - Differdange - 02.03.2017 © claude piscitelli

Born and raised in Luxembourg, Ben was always very passionate about playing football and music. After graduating High School, Ben decided to pursue a professional career in music and moved to the United States to study music in Boston and New York. After spending 5 great years in the US, where Ben had the chance to meet people from all over the world and get exposed to various cultures, Ben moved back to Luxembourg where he is involved in several music projects and tries to create new and fun ways to teach music.

So far Ben has offered different Body-Percussion workshops for institutions such as the Philharmonie and the Rockhal, teaches Songwriting classes at a High-School (international School Michel Lucius), and teaches a group-percussion class at an Elementary School in Differdange.

Gilles Noesen

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Growing up with a background of rock and pop music, I started taking lessons in classical solfeggio and saxophone as a young boy. A couple of years later, as a rebellious teenager, I temporarily abandoned my classical music education. I started taking drum lessons instead and taught myself the guitar in order to form a rock band with some schoolmates. I quickly discovered that composing was my true passion.

I was obsessed by writing experimental rock and pop tunes, heavily inspired by The Pink Floyd and King Crimson, my favourite bands at that time.
As the band began to fall apart, I slowly moved towards more improvised music. I began to study drums at the Jazz Conservatory of Maastricht. In the meantime I never stopped having fun with writing experimental fragments of music in any style I could think of. As I no longer had a band to write for, I started programming music with DAW's, such as Reason and Ableton Live. At the same time I started writing jazz tunes.
In 2010, I changed subjects at the conservatory, de-prioritising the drums in order to study Composing and Arranging with Wolfgang Braun, who personally urged me to study with him after hearing a performance of one of my compositions. As a result, I finally got the chance to further develop my true passion. Through the work with very different kinds of ensembles I gained first insides into style, harmony, scoring, instrumental techniques and band leading. I received my bachelor's degree in Composing and Arranging in September 2014.

After a short and discouraging period of studying conducting, classical composition and piano at the Conservatory of Luxembourg in 2014, I temporarily abandoned my vision of establishing myself as an artist because I felt like I didn't make any progress in the right direction. Disoriented and unsure of my future, I booked a one-way ticket to Ghana in December 2015.

After my return in December 2016, I had a fresh look on how to build my career. Watching out for opportunities to get back into composing, I re-arranged a set of traditional Luxembourgish songs for the newly formed band “The Biggudies” in February 2017. I organised three sessions where I could try out some new compositions under the name of “Musicians Wanted” in May, July and October 2017.

I'm now working on my first professional recording; a carefully selected set of 10 pieces played during those sessions. Besides, I completed my first film score for the short movie “Les Non-Dits”, which has been released in February 2018 during the days of the Luxembourgish film festival. I am now working on the score for my second short movie.

In 2018, I also started working with EDSUN, who won 3 awards at the first Luxembourg Music Awards.